iOS – Gadget House Project


My home automation app running an a wall mounted iPad. It brings a number of technologies and coding platforms together to run behind a simple & easy-to-use interface. Basically, I get to control a bunch of stuff in my house from my iPad or iPhone.

Lazy?: A little bit. Geeky?: More than a little bit.

It not only works from my home wifi, but anywhere with web connection. Useful to check in on the security cams and control lights, sockets, heating, music, etc. It links to open into other apps for Hive heating control, Sonos audio throughout the house and some others for my gadgets.

I add to the project as & when I get my hands on new stuff!





Tech Specs:
I use Lightwave RF ( products throughout my home – power sockets, light switches, energy monitor, wifi link – which enable direct communication via the wifi link. The public iOS app was okay but I wanted something a little easier to use that was customised to my environment. There’s no API for the wifi link, so I had to create one. The architect’s drawings provide a great backdrop for room controls.


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