iOS, Mac & Windows Dev. Database Administrator. Tech & Coffee addict. Yorkshire man.

Who I Am

I specialise in object oriented programming on many platfroms and devices. I’ve been delivering desktop applications for more than 10 years using various versions of the Java programming language. I began coding in Objective-C for iOS in 2010 and have since been invovled with over 50 apps on the Apple App Store. I have experiance building and maintaining small SQLite and MySQL databases to accompny iOS apps as well has much larger SQL Server databases in excess of 60 million records, with the architecture to match..

What I Do

Desktop Apps big or small, public or commercial. iOS Apps for a targeted sector or mass marget. I can help. I am a problem solver.

  • Mac Apps
  • Windows Apps
  • Server Apps
  • iOS & WatchOS Apps
  • Experienced DBA
  • API Specialist
  • Telecoms, Hardware & Networks
  • Java
  • Objective-C, Swift
  • XCode & iTunes Connect
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • T-SQL, SSMS, MySQL, SQLite
  • Project Management

Find out more: robbamforth.com


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