iOS / Objective-c – Simple NSTimer

Here’s a simple use of NSTimer to repeatedly trigger a method call every X seconds in Objective-c, for iOS.

Declare NSTimer variable in header file

NSTimer *myTimer;

Initialise myTimer at the appropriate point in code. Could be viewDidLoad on iPhone or willActivate on Apple Watch. My example triggers the method named updateDisplay at 5 second intervals. Note that I’ve set repeats: YES.
You can trigger the method for a one off call after X seconds by setting repeats: NO.

myTimer= [NSTimerscheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:5.0

The above code both primes and starts the timer.

To end the timer. Could be didDeactivate on apple Watch, for example

[myTimer invalidate];
myTimer = nil;

How to take a screenshot on Apple Watch

It’s a little tricky but you can take a screenshot on Apple Watch, handy when you want a live shot of an app your developing. Or perhaps you want a lasting reminder of some notification or other. Either way, follow these steps:

1. Get a good grip of your Apple watch.

If you wear with the side buttons facing your hand:

Placing your thumb on the smooth side
Rest your first finger over the digital crown
Rest your middle finger on the side button

If you wear with the side buttons facing your elbow:

Placing your first finger on the smooth side
Rest your thumb over the digital crown and the side button

2. Press the digital crown and side button at the same time.

The two buttons pressed at the same time will result in a screenshot of the current display. A flash of the screen accompanied by the camera shutter sound signifies a successful screenshot.

3. View and share the image

The screenshot from your Apple watch is saved to the paired iPhones camera roll. Open photos on iPhone to view your screenshot. Tap the share button to view the options.


P.S. you can see the full Apple Watch user guide here:

iOS – Gadget House Project


My home automation app running an a wall mounted iPad. It brings a number of technologies and coding platforms together to run behind a simple & easy-to-use interface. Basically, I get to control a bunch of stuff in my house from my iPad or iPhone.

Lazy?: A little bit. Geeky?: More than a little bit.

It not only works from my home wifi, but anywhere with web connection. Useful to check in on the security cams and control lights, sockets, heating, music, etc. It links to open into other apps for Hive heating control, Sonos audio throughout the house and some others for my gadgets.

I add to the project as & when I get my hands on new stuff!





Tech Specs:
I use Lightwave RF ( products throughout my home – power sockets, light switches, energy monitor, wifi link – which enable direct communication via the wifi link. The public iOS app was okay but I wanted something a little easier to use that was customised to my environment. There’s no API for the wifi link, so I had to create one. The architect’s drawings provide a great backdrop for room controls.


iOS – How long do Apple take to review your iPhone app?

LAST UPDATED: 25/06/2014

This is a difficult question to answer considering the varied range of complexities involved in testing an iPhone application.

I can however share my experience using Apple’s Developer Program and iTunes Connect.

Number of apps on the App Store: 42
Average time between submission and approval: 8.17 Days

Average time Waiting For Review: 6.74 Days
Average time In Review: 1.55 Days

Maximum time between submission and approval: 14 days
Minimum time between submission and approval: 5 days

Maximum time Waiting For Review: 13 Days
Minimum time Waiting For Review: 4 Days

Maximum. time In Review: 16 Days
Minimum time In Review: 30 minutes

Looking for an iPhone app? I can build it… get in touch 0844 833 0700 or

iPhone – The ultimate and best iPhone theme for jailbroken iPhone (Cydia Winterboard)


So here is my ultimate theme for iPhone. I use it on my iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1. If you’re running an older version of iOS or a different device feel free to give it a go a let me know how it works out.



First off you need a jailbroken iPhone. Search online and you’ll find a number of tutorials to jailbreak your device.

Here’s an example tutorial to jailbreak iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1

If your using iPhone 4S follow instructions here


So by now you should have a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed.


Next launch Cydia and add the following sources if you don’t already have them:

BigBoss –
ModMyi – add source

Add sources to Cydia by tapping the Manage Tab –> Tap Edit –> Tap Add –> Enter URL –> Tap Add Source –> wait for it load and your done.



Next search and install the following packages from Cydia.
Theme Customisations:

Winterboard available on Cydia by Jay Freeman (saurik)

iMac iCons Theme – available on Cydia from BigBoss

Barter Pro UI – available on Cydia from ModMyi



Now take a break from loading Cydia packages and open winterboard by tapping the icon from springboard and tap Select Themes.

Select the following theme options:

iPod Barter Pro
Phone Barter Pro
NC Barter Pro
Barter Pro UI
iMac iCons

Hit back and respiring your device.



Back to Cydia and install the following packages:
User Interface Customisation:

Five icon dock  available on Cydia by Jay Freeman (saurik)


Cascade available on Cydia from BigBoss


Barrel – available on Cydia from BigBoss


Colorbanner – available on Cydia from ModMyi –  Set banner color Gold


Flowtation – available on Cydia from ModMyi


Quick tweet – available on Cydia from BigBoss



Lockscreen customisation:

Power lock – available on Cydia from BigBoss


ColoredKnob – available on Cydia from BigBoss – Set color Green


Bulletin –  available on Cydia from BigBoss


Slider Enhancer – available on Cydia from BigBoss – customer slider text



Notification centre customisation:

Custom nc background – available on Cydia from ModMyi – ncbg.jpg

Save the following image to set as the NC background 


Simpledate for notification centre –  available on Cydia from BigBoss


Powercentre pro –  available on Cydia from BigBoss


Weekillbackground pro –  available on Cydia from BigBoss

NCRotationLock – – available on Cydia from ModMyi



Other noteworthy packages not part of my ultimate theme but worth a look:

Clever pin



Looking for an iPhone app? I can build it… get in touch 0844 833 0700 or